Employee Outsourcing

Employee Outsourcing initiative is one practice which has global acceptance & always driven locally. The challenges of an organization arising out of  being cost effective on account of recruitment, training, payroll management, supervision burden, etc is being addressed through Employee Outsourcing.

DASH Consultants offers solutions to organizations for their next HR strategic move by providing an onsite work crew for either temporary or permanent assignments.

At DASH Career Fox Pvt. Ltd. we also handle, training, insurance, statutory employment requirements, payroll & quality of delivery through our expertise. Our wide reach through networking offers our clients a wide range of professional, skilled or semi skilled options to look at.

Employee outsourcing is a practice that many companies around the world are adopting for to achieve greater organizational flexibility, improved efficiency, reduced overheads and a hassle free HR management. DASH Consultant’s Outsourcing Division was formed to cater to a growing need of businesses to reap the economic and operational benefits.

Our Employee Outsourcing services presents a unique model where a number of Human Resource processes have been seamlessly amalgamated in presenting a comprehensive outsourcing solution to clients. We act as a “Third Party Service Provider” that recruits, hires, trains, and places a workforce as per client specifications within a matter of weeks. This workforce is capable of delivering as per client expectations from the first day on the job. We look after the outsourced staff’s employment records / files, salary and benefits management, promotions and increments, regulatory and statutory requirements and all disciplinary and performance management matters.

Employee Outsourcing effectively relieves the management of client’s organization from day to day HR operations management issues, saving their time and enabling them to focus more on strategic and value adding initiatives.

Some examples of types of employees that have successfully been outsourced to include:
Consumer Banking & FMCG Sales
Customer Services & Processing
Supervisory Executive

We offer following services as part of Employee Outsourcing:

  • Recruiting, hiring and outplacement of employees.
  • Completion of joining formalities, background checks and verifications.
  • Maintenance of personal files.
  • Processing of salaries and pay packages.
  • Income tax management for employees.
  • Medical benefits / insurance management.
  • Prerequisite handling.
  • Performance appraisal result coordination.
  • Training needs analysis and facilitation.
  • Staff surveys and motivational analysis.

Other areas or functional activities other than those listed above can be outsourced as per client needs.

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